Uptide Cod Pennel (Flowing)

Uptide Cod Pennel (Flowing)


A very effective  up-tide boat rig for Autumn and Winter designed to taget  Small Cod, Codling and Large Whiting as  these rigs are constructed with a the option to have a longer or  shorter trace depending on the tide conditions the stronger the flow the shorter the trace.

Rigs consists of:

60lb clear  Asso mono, size 1/0 swivels, running boom, shock beads, 40lb clear amnesia hook  length with Tsunami  hooks in pennel fashion.

You can choose the hook size and snood length to suit the tide, the longer the snood the more it will move in the flow.We have used this rig in the BRISTOL chanel and found that on small tides around 10 meters that the 6ft (72inch) is very effective for codling upto 4lb and Whiting upto 2lb.


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