Spring Flatfish Pack now £19.95

Spring Flatfish Pack now £19.95


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Extracted Oil Preserved Squid, Black Lugworm, Extracted Bait Oil Spray 5 Hand Crafted Rigs, Bait Elastic and Seatbox / Car Sticker.
Your pack will include.
1 x pack of 5 Squid vac packed and oiled.
1 x pack of Black Lug worm Vac Packed and oiled.
1 x Peeler Crab Concentrated Bait oil spray.
5 X Searigs Hand Crafted 2 hook Pulley Pennel Rigs Size 3/0
1 x Searigs Super fineBait Elastic
1 x Searigs Seatbox / Car sticker.
All for Just £19.95
Whole Squid and Black Lugworm Preserved in Extracted Bait Oil.
All Anglers know just how expensive it is for sea fishing bait these days, how much you throw away at the end of your fishing day?

Well now you don't have to, check out our preserved vacuum sealed bait packs for predator and see anglers.

We only use 100% Natural product extracted from Fresh Fish, Worm and Shellfish to make our range of extracted bait oils simply the best on the market, plus a few natural secret ingredients.

We soak the whole Squid  and Black Lugworm in our "Sniper Extracted Bait Oil", vacuum packed in handy pouches, this helps to keep them very moist and also adds attractant and extends there shelf life ,this not only enhances the Squid and Black Lugworm but they can be kept for upto 3 months without the need for freezing just keep Cool !

Each Pouch contains between 4 and 6 Whole squid depending on their size and Black lug contain 5 whole large worm.If you don't use all your Squid or Black lugworm at the end of the day you can pop it into your tacklebox for next time.
With over 35yrs of experience handcrafting sea fishing rigs our team have now produced a fantastic extracted bait oil  plus a growing preserved bait range including Black Lugworm, Whole Squid and much more.
This product has been field tested for the last 18 months right around the UK and has been used alongside plain baits, and outfished everything including other brands that we have also tested.