Single Hook Pulley Rig (Standard)

Single Hook Pulley Rig (Standard)


THE PULLEY RIG, sometimes called an up and over, is the ultimate rough gound rig for big fish taken at long range. We at searigs make a number  of variations of the pulley, but essentially this trace is for fishing over extremely tough ground. During the retrieve the weight of a hooked fish allows the sliding design to lift up the lead weight, ahead of the fish, which makes it very effective for beating bigger species that feed over rocks and thick seaweed. "The word terminal is important because eventually you are going to lose it" No matter how clever or complicated a terminal rig design, it is often the angler's skill that ultimately determines that a rig is retrieved cleanly or not. Losing rigs and lead weights is the risk of fishing heavy ground, but the reward is maybe a better fish. However, by choosing the right rig and retrieval technique your tackle losses can be reduced. Below you will find a great selection, however if you can,t find what you are looking for or need a bespoke rig made just get in touch.

A simple but highly effective rough ground rig. Pulley effect of the rig allowing a taking fish to pull against the lead to set the hook. Once on the retrieve the pulley action lifts the lead clear of the seabed and the fish and hopefuly clearing snags. These rigs incorporate the bait holder weight link release system.


Made with 50lb clearAsso Ultraflex mono main rig, 20 to 30lbs clear Amnesia/ Asso Oblivion snood, 5mm beads, size 2 main rig/trace swivel, bait holder weight link and size 1 to 5/0  Single Aberdeen hook.

Longe shank, Cemically Sharpened, Aberdeen hook.

Target Species : Cod, Whiting, Bass, Pouting, Pollock and Flatfish when using smaller hooks.

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