Searigs Saltwater Feeder System (Gemini Grippers) x2

Searigs Saltwater Feeder System (Gemini Grippers) x2


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Searigs Saltwater Feeder System (Gemini Gripper) x2

Available in 3 sizes.
120g (3 - 4oz)
150g (5 - 6oz)
 180g (6 - 7 oz)
(Please note these weights are approximate)

The SALTWATER Feeder from Searigs is the answer to many anglers need for a robust method of enticing fish to where the the baited hook is laying. Constructed from top quality materials, the SALTWATER Feeder will withstand the rigours of fishing rough ground, and with the addition of the 'Grip' head from Gemini Tackle, the feeder can be used in virtually every sea state, on the beach or up tiding from a boat with the Gemini inserts (Optional extra choose from dropdown)

Up tide Inserts. (Screw on / off )
Up tide inserts are intended for use from a boat, beach or pier and enable the strong grip required for up tiding. They work by transferring the weight back away from the grips giving greater HOLD on the sea bed, so you can reduce the SALTWATER Feeder weight but still have the same gripping potential.


Whatever bait you are going to fish with, use some in your feeder, better still, don't chuck away yesterday's bait - take it home, place the bait in a blender or mincer and reduce to a pulp add some of our flavour attractors like PEELER CRAB, MACKEREL, SQUID, RAGWORM or even BLACK LUGWORM. Place the pulp into the feeder capsule; re-fit to the main body - bag & freeze. Cast your feeder while still frozen and this method will give you about 15 - 20 minutes of steady scent trail. The feeder will hold approximately 30gr.of pulp.

Some anglers prefer to use ready-made "NATURAL FLAVOURED BAIT BOMBS" this will melt and Smoke away sending a sent, bait and colour trail through the water attracting fish to your chosen hook bait. Packed with Small bait particles, flavoured Attractors and Key Amino Acids, a brand new way to attract fish without having to spend time blending up smelly bait and oils.

Whichever method you choose will only increase the chances of catching your next PB.
Tight lines Searigs Team UK.

5.0 out of 5 stars They Work..
Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 8 May 2021
I tried these for the first time yesterday and filled them with some old liquidised sea food. Well all I can say is the fish went crazy and I ended up catching more fish than I have ever done off the beach..

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