Searigs "REEL PAL" Speedy, Portable Line Loader

Searigs "REEL PAL" Speedy, Portable Line Loader



Helps to give you a much better cast, by stopping line twist, knots and uneven line bunching associated with many other spooling methods.

Using REEL "PAL" LOADERS built in system to together with your own reel drag function you can control how fast or slow your bulk spool spins whilst adding an even feed of line directly to your FIXED SPOOL or MULTIPLIER reel.

The spooling technology allows your reel and spool to rotate simultaneously, which prevents any sort of tangling, looseness and other undesirable situations. Keeps the line steady and firm.
  • Light Weight
(Graphite Body with Aluminium reel seat )
  • Compact
(Pops appart to fit into your tackle box only 26 ×16cm /10.23×6.29inch )
  • Mono or Braid Friendly.

You'll be blown away by how easy it is to load your spool with Searigs REEL "PAL" LOADER.

Once you try it there's no going back. A must have for any angler.

Watch these 2 video,s before and after you purchase for user tip,s.

If you're new to fishing or a seasoned pro, spooling a reel can be a pain if it's done wrong. This new tool takes the guesswork out of it and ensures you have a perfect spool every time.

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