Sardine, Sprat and Pilchard - Squid - Oil - 2 x 250ml -

Sardine, Sprat and Pilchard - Squid - Oil - 2 x 250ml -


Apply directly to your hook bait.
New, Searigs Sniper extract bait oils


1 x SQUID 250ml

Great "CONGER" combo!

Target more species with Searigs new..

Extracted Bait Oil

Catch more Fish, Win more matches.

We only use 100% Natural product extracted from Fresh Fish, Worm and Shellfish to make our range of extracted bait oils simply the best on the market, plus a few natural secret ingredients.

With over 35yrs of experience hand crafting seafishing rigs our team have now produced a fantastic extracted bait oil system.

This system has been field-tested for the last 18 months right around the UK and has been used alongside plain baits, and outfished everything including other brands that we have also tested

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