Running ledger rig.

Running ledger rig.


Running ledger - black Nickel Aberdeen hooks.

of the simplest sea fishing rigs and on its day one of the most effective. Fish a bait on  the sea bed with a set up that allows the fish to run with the bait registering the bite direct to the rod tip.

Used for surf fishing for bass, flatties and other bottom dwelling species.

The rig consist of a hook length of approx 24-30"  of clear Asso Ultraflex  in breaking strains from 15lb - 40lb dependent on choice. Size 2 trace swivel, Size 2 American snap swivel and 2 x 5mm bead. Black Nickel Aberdeen hooks.

The rigs is set up by placing tha 5mm bead then American snap swivel and then the bead onto the main line, the hook length is then attached creating a free running rig.

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