Reel Mate Spooling Tool

Reel Mate Spooling Tool


Please wattch  this video before you decide to purchase a REEL MATE

REEL MATE From Searigs Fantastic Xmas Gift Now and then some one comes up with a little invention which when you look at it looks so easy you wish you thought of it years ago.

Well heres one that Simon Stan from Bridgend has come up with simple but brilliant its called the REEL MATE.

Its a light weight portable spool station simple...making it quick and easy to add line to any reel in seconds..

Its got an adjustable seat, fits all reels and has a spool tension screw on the side spring loaded which is ideal when thumbing your line on a multiplier..

Due to the tension it doesn't over spool or go slack while you put your line on the reel making your first cast the same as you 5th or 6th cast.

"I looked at the cost and time it would take to make one myself, it aint worth it Get yours now"
Super light too, and fits in your tackle bag easy ..peasy

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