New PEELER CRAB Salt Water Natural Liquid Attractors

New PEELER CRAB Salt Water Natural Liquid Attractors


Searigs PEELER CRAB Liquid Bait Oil has a unique flavour , Peeler Crab is a very popular  Cod Bait and the Extracted oil that we produce is made from MALE PEELER CRAB and then blended to make a rich strong attractor which comes in a few different applications.

250ml Bottle
You have the option to use a "Squeeze on oil" which can also be injected into worm or squid baits , poured into salt water P.V.A bags or used to soak bait over night you can even soak spong if you are using a sea feeder!!

250ml or 125ml Pot
We also have a thick Sticky Glug / Dip which comes in a pot for easy application just pop your baited hook into the pot, let it soak for a few minutes then its ready to cast in sending a sent trail through the water helping to attract feeding fish.

100ml or 50ml CONCENTRATED Gel
Our easy Squeeze CONCENTRATED GELS are great for the traveling angler or if you are limited to the time you can prepare your bait, being concentrated means you don,t have to use much and it can work very quickly just squeeze straight onto your choosen bait. our small thin and lightweight bottles are great to to keep in your pocket so you always have them to hand.

Just like our gels Searigs CONCENTRATED spray bottles are thin and light but do pack a punch the main advantage of our sprays is they can be used to coat lures as well as larger baits very quickly saving you the angler time.

The choice is yours...tight lines
New PEELER CRAB Salt Water Natural Liquid Attractors
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