Mini UV Torch.

Mini UV Torch.


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The Searigs UV Torch is a highly powered handheld source of UV light that's incredibly handy for a number of uses....detect fraudulant bank notes and ID's , reveal bodily fluids including blood during crime scene investigations, cure adhesives, hotel inspection and activating GLOW IN THE DARK Baits, Bite indicators and leads.  The Searigs UV Torch has a precision machined aluminium body, a water resistant construction and is impact resistant so that it can take pretty much all that you throw at it. The NINE high powered UV LED bulbs will last for up to 1000 hours and will detect UV reactive materials in the 365 - 400 nanometer wavelength.

  • 9 high powered UV LED bulbs - 1000 hour life, 365 - 400 nanometer wavelength
  • Stainless steel head - protects LEDs while redirecting light
  • Precision machined black body
  • Water resistant
  • 3 x  AAA batteries ( not included)
  • Impact resistant
  • Shows Selecta DNA and Smartwater

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