Extracted Bait Oil - "Concentrated" - Super Sticky Sprays Choose your Flavours (100ml)

Extracted Bait Oil - "Concentrated" - Super Sticky Sprays Choose your Flavours (100ml)


Target more species with Searigs new..


Extracted Bait Oil

100ml Super Sticky Pump Spray


10 Flavours to choose from !

Catch more Fish, Win more matches.

"Searigs formulation has an adhesion property that sticks to the surface it is sprayed onto, giving you confidence it will stay on your bait and slowly release it's attractant when in the water, Super Sticky Spray is also PVA friendly"

Our research and development to make the product aquatically safe has also ensured the Sticky Spray formulation is PVA friendly and therefore Sticky Spray can be sprayed on to any hook bait or into a Salt Water P.V.A Bag.

We use Natural product extracted from Fish, Worm and Shellfish to make our range of extracted bait oil Sprays simply the best on the market, plus a few natural Secret ingredients.

With over 35yrs of experience hand crafting seafishing rigs our team have now produced a fantastic extracted bait oil .

This system has been field tested for the last 18 months right around the UK and has been used alongside plain baits, and outfished everything including other brands that we have also tested.

Target all Sea Fish plus Pike, Catfish, Barbel, Chub and now Carp.

Tip : Try spraying directly onto lures for added attraction!!

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