Drop Down, Pulley Pennel Rig

Drop Down, Pulley Pennel Rig


A brand new rig for Winter 2016/17.

Great for distance and fishing over rough ground.

The mechanics of the rig are that it basically works on the premise of a tensioned pulley system , with a free-running snood (see diagram above). When rigging up, the swivel between the two beads is attached to the main line, whilst the swivel attached to the trace body is used to slip over the lip of the Genie Rig Link, with the hooks being clipped into the impact device. This creates a streamlined rig for casting, which upon impact with water releases the hooks; the slackened line causes the swivel to release the Genie Rig Link and the snood to slide down the trace body, putting your bait on the sea bed.Perfect when fish are feeding on the bottom or when fishing a strong moving tidal flow.

Special offer sample price for the first 50 customers...Save 30p per rig as these will be £1.49 each after the promo...

  • Rig Body : Asso Ultaflex
  • Snood : Asso Oblivion
  • Hooks : Tsunami Mako Black Aberdeens
  • Link : Gemini Geni
  • Weight link : Gemini.
  • Swivels and Beads : Tsunami/Tronix

(Note:Gripper weight not included)

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