Black Lugworm Oiled, x5 Pack

Black Lugworm Oiled, x5 Pack


Black Lugworm continue to be one of the best baits to use when Sea fishing for Winter Cod and Whiting.

Searigs Oiled Black Lugworm have been marinated using a natural fish oil blend which enhances the flavour attracting more fish to your bait.

Vacuum packed for easy storage, can last up-to 3 months in your tackle box if kept cool, up-to 6 months in your fridge or up-to 12 months in your

Sold in packs of 5 worm so great for short 2 / 3 hour beach trips.


They are one of the best sea fishing baits around and people never get tired of using them because they always produce results. These are a very hardy, tough worm, jet black in colour and have a very strong scent to them, one which cannot be described with words. They have been used on many coasts around the country not only for tipping off, but as a bait in themselves.

Consisting of 5 freshly dug Black Lugworm that are approx 6-8 inches long , using a specially formulated natural oil, that not only enhances the scent of the worm, but holds it in its gutted format without having to freeze them. A product which has become very sought after and has produced some fantastic results especially when used with peelers.

Proving to be an exceptional Cod bait and great for Bass in the summer months when used with peeler crab.

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