A2 Big Cod Pulley Pennel Rigs x5 (Gemini Clip Down)

A2 Big Cod Pulley Pennel Rigs x5 (Gemini Clip Down)


Big Cod Pulley Rig - Pennel hook length (Clip Down) - Black Aberdeen Hooks.

A simple but highly effective rough ground rig. Pulley effect of the rig allowing a taking fish to pull against the lead to set the hook. Once on the retrieve the pulley action lifts the lead clear of the seabed and the fish and hopefully clearing snags.

All rigs are hand tied  in the UK using only quality components:

Hanging snap with bait clip, main rig body approx 48"  , 2 x 5mm beads, size 1 round eye floating swivel and size 1 diamond eye trace swivel, approx 36" hooklength. All line used FOR THIS RIG is ASSO clear in colour.

Pennel hooklength, top hook held in place by twisting hooklength around the hook.

x2 Super Strong Black Nickle Aberdeen Hooks, a strong forged hook pattern with a wide gape and chemically sharpend point.


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