3D Florescent Paddletail Super Shads x6 Pack

3D Florescent Paddletail Super Shads x6 Pack


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Soft Plastic Shads for Bass, Pike, Trout, Perch, Zander and Chub

Mixed pack of 6 colours
3.5 inches / 9cm
0.45oz / 12.6g

Super sharp Japanese hooks
Super sensitive paddle tail
Super Florescent Flash
Super vibrant colour

  • Molded with holographic swimming flash tail which moves a lot of water at any speed, even ultra-slow for cold or deep water, the Searigs bass fishing lures generates an unbelievable swimming action that fish just can’t get enough of.
  • Having an ideal weight for long casting and slow sinking, Searigs Jig lures can achieve a slow, flutter presentation. A heavy belly weight not only presents bite-size appeal to bass, but it also helps the bait to sail off your reel for ultra-long aerodynamic casts.
  • Featuring a precisely engineered shape, the soft body swimbaits has a realistic swimming action at both ultra-slow speeds and moderately fast speeds. Pre-rigged with ultra-sharp back hook , the jigging SHAD also features ultra-realistic patterns, holographic flash body and 3D eyes.

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