2 Hook Wishbone Rig

2 Hook Wishbone Rig


The wishbone rig has a long history and it is still favoured by a lot of shore anglers. Its big advantage is that it presents two baits in fairly close proximity, producing a bigger, more attractive scent trail. Double shots are always possible but you do sometimes get one fish taking both baits too! The disadvantage is that in its simplest form the rig doesn’t cast brilliantly because it’s not really aerodynamic. There can also be worries in respect of tangling, especially in slacker tidal flows. We have tried to address these problems with a couple of tweaks to the standard rig. First, we tied the rig up-and-over style with a cascade swivel at the top, which allows a decent length rig body to be kept neat and tidy by looping it up, then back down to the Gemini Splash Down clip. To try and reduce tangles we have kept the hook snoods short and I also use attractors, which add a bit of ballast to stop them being washed about too much. Included are the  mini lumi attractors, which we have found work very well indeed for all sorts of fish.

Target species : Plaice, Sole , Dabs and Flounder.


60lb Asso "Ultraflex" rig body line

20lb Asso "Oblivion" memory free snood line

10 coloured beads

Two clear beads

Two Tronix crimps

Two size 1 Tsunami rolling swivels

A  size 6 Tsunami Cascade swivel

Two Tsunami sequins

Two mini Tsunami lumi attractors

Two  Tsunami Mako Hooks

1 Gemini splash down clip.

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