1 Hook Flapper (Standard)

1 Hook Flapper (Standard)



This is an all round rig which is an ideal choice to use when a wide number of species can be caught and no particular species is being targeted. Since there is no rotten bottom or weak link release this rig is best used when fishing an area which is snag free as the weight or snood becoming lodged in a snag will see the whole rig being lost. However, this rig can be easily converted into one which is more appropriate for rough ground fishing by swapping the link for a Gemini Breaker or similar release link.great for   sub-1lb fish such as whiting, coal-fish, pouting or three bearded rock-ling but can also handle bigger fish such as cod and bass. A standard ONE hook flapper rig, consisting of an approx 36" main rig of 50lb clear mono, 8mm crimps 5mm beads. High quality size 1 diamond eye main swivel and size 6 diamond eye trace swivels. Hook traces/droper clear amnesia in breaking strains of 15lb- 30lb. A mainstay rig for all fishing occasions.Large swivel x 1, Small swivels x 2, Link x 1, Crimps x 4, Micro beads, x 4 Sequins, x 1 Aberdeen hook. Sold in single packs so you can Mix n Match.

Target Species : Cod, Whiting, Bass, Pouting and Pollock.

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