No 1 Boat rig

Up - Tide Cod Pennell Rig

The pennell rig is primarily for up-tide fishing for cod using an up-tide rod designed for casting, this rig used in conjunction with a gripper weight can often take more and larger fish than down tiding from the back of the boat.As the bait is cast away from the noise coming from the engines or indeed the hull many anglers choose this method of boat fishing especially for cod and Bass.

60lb-80lb clear mono, size 1/0 swivels, running boom, shock beads, 40lb clear amnesia hook length with Strong Uptide hooks in pennel fashion.Various brands and hook sizes avalible from our on-line store.

To fish effectively with boatcasting tackle you have to be aware of the uptiding rules, which are based on water depth and speed of the tide. Expert uptider, Dave Lewis explains the principles


UPTIDING is easy, isn’t it? You tie a spiked lead to the end of the line, attach a trace and sling it in the water. You could try it, but I doubt you will catch much because this method is more complicated than that.

You have forgotten to take into account the strength of the tide, which will change throughout the day, the depth of water, and the type of sea bed you are fishing. Forget these factors and you are going to have a very dull day’s fishing.

Before you launch a lead you have to understand casting distances and angles. An angler fishing on a private boat with just a few rods on the deck will have far more space to fish than a member of a party on a charter boat.

Conditions determine the casting angle and distance, but if you are fishing aboard a crowded boat you are forced to cast where there is space, rather than the ideal place. The solution is to avoid full boats, but when this is impossible there are a few tricks that may boost your chances.

As a rule, the stronger the tide and the greater the depth of water, the tighter to the anchor warp and the further from the boat you have to cast, remembering you can uptide in up to about 100ft of water, though in any appreciable run of tide 70ft is probably the maximum.